Bean Around Coffee is an initiative to deliver coffee beans from exotic corners of the world to the Goulburn Valley region.​

The beans are delicately roasted to extract their true characters for all of us to enjoy great fresh coffee. All our beans are roasted according to their individual origin using a traditional drum roaster.  We at Bean Around carefully monitor each roast to ensure we bring you the highest possible quality every time. 

Our high emphasis  on freshness means that our products reach you sealed in a high quality, black foil bag with a one way air valve.  These specially designed bags lock in the freshness, while locking out air and sunlight to bring you the very best of coffee experiences.  Each bag is clearly marked with the roasting date, so you know just how fresh they are. 

This father, daughter duo are committed to sharing the fresh quality coffee experience with everyone.  We welcome you to visit our cafe "The Last Straw" and see our drum roaster which is on display to the general public.

- John & Jess